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Antivirus Plus Features

Antivirus COP has suspicious behaviour approach for any computer program which might indicate infection. It can read/write/execute access to external device. This softwawre can detect and inform the user about vulnerable applications that can be exploited to infect the computer. Its nano source technology enables solutions at multiple layers analysing and collating various events to detect and block threats.


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Internet Security Features

Antivirus COP guide your children to use the internet safely by blocking access to known dangers ,allowing websites with selected content ,monitoring web use &setting limits for time spent online Through this software you cannot access the sites which are in blocked categories. This feature can be easily implemented by adding it to the exclusion list websites belonging to blocked categories.


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Total Security Features

The networking of this software gathers data from millions of participating users’ systems around the world… to help defend you from the very latest viruses and malware attacks. Potential threats are monitored and analyzed – in real-time – and dangerous actions are completely blocked before they can cause any harm. It protects your photos, music, documents movies, eails and other irreplaceable files.


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Antiviruscop Suite

Antivirus Plus


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Total Security


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Extremely Fast. Non Intrusive    
Windows 8 Compartable.    
Antivirus and Antispyware    
Antivirus Autopilot TM    
Antivirus SafePay    
USB Immunizer    
Online Remote Management    
Secure Browsing    
Personal Data Filter    
Security Repost    
Online Privacy protection    
Parental Control    
Cloud Antispam    
Two Way Firewall    
File Shredder    
Anti Theft    
File Encryption    

Antivirus Cop

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